Alessandra Bomeny is a professional photographer, high end retoucher, lighting expert, entrepreneur and educator that holds a bachelors Degree in Physical Education and a Certificate Degree in Photography from "Imagem e Ação" in São Paulo, Brazil.

Alessandra was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. Living in Miami since May 2018, she achieved a lot of accomplishments including Fashion Editorials, more than 20 Magazine Covers and worked with major companies.

Recently, Alessandra launched her production company, SALT KARAMEL, with offices in LA and Miami. SK is a boutique art on demand company that merges photography, videography, music production, artist development, branding & graphic design.

"Photography is something that has always been present in my life, even as a hobby for more than 20 years. The will to photograph has become a necessity because of the pleasure it gives me.

I love to use natural light, but I believe we can improve the quality by adding methods of artificial lighting too. Not to mention that you can create different moods for each session. This requires creativity, study, equipment and passion.

I like being at the studio but I always like to be outdoors. That’s why you have to check my store. There you will find what I see, how I see it and maybe you can fall in love with some place or image just how I did it.

Hope you like it!"

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